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Saturday, October 12, 2013

POOJA BUMPER 2013 BR-34 kerala lottery PRIZE STRUCTURE

Today kerala pooja bumper result 16-11-2013

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NEWPOOJA bumper 2013 BR-34th result will announce today on 16-11-2013(Saturday) at 4.00 pm, you can know the result status here

POOJA Bumper 2013 BR-34th lottery Result status

 POOJA BUMPER 2013 BR-34  draw will be conducted on 16-11-2013,

    • The price of each ticket is Rs 100/-
    • date of draw : 16-11-2013 (16th november 2013)
The ticket will be printed in 5 Series in total up to 30 lakhs tickets will be printed on need basis time to time till the draw date
    • 1st Prize Rs 2 crore (2 കോടി) 1 Nos 
    • Conslation prize (rs 1 lakh each for all having same first prize number but different series ( 4 nos))
    • 2nd Prize 20 SOVEREIGN  5 nos 
    • 3rd Prize 1 lakh (for last five digits drawn once) No of prizes (Up to 30).
    • 4th Prize Rs 10000/- (for last four digits drawn 2 times); No of prizes up to (600 if 30 lakhs tickets sold).
    • 5th Prize Rs 5000/- (for last four digits drawn 12 times). No of prizes up to (3600 if 30 lakhs tickets sold).
    • 6th Prize Rs 2000/- (for last four digits drawn 15 times). No of prizes = 4500 if 30 lakh tickets sold.
    • 7th prize Rs 1000/- (for last four digits drawn 25 times). No of prizes=7500 if 30 lakhs sold.
    • 8th prize Rs 500/- ( for last four digits drawn 35 times) No of prizes=10500 if 30 lakh tickets printed.
    • 9th Prize Rs 200/- (for last for digits drawn 50 times) No of prizes=15000 if 30 lakh ticket printed.

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    Tickets have validity up to 30 days from date of draw.   So Prized Tickets has to submit with in 15 days for claims for smooth encashing.