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Sunday, September 21, 2014


new kerala lottery DIWALI POOJA BUMPER 
kerala lottery pooja bumper 2014 sale started

Pooja-Bumper-2014-Prize-Structure-br-40th-18-11-2014 Kerala-Lottery


1st Prize- Rs :20,000,000/- 
RA 694452 (PALAKKAD)
Consolation Prize- Rs. 100,000/- 
NA 694452 VA 694452 TH 694452 RI 694452
2nd Prize- Rs :2,000,000/-
VA 690563 (THRISSUR)
RA 132457 (KOTTAYAM)
RI 181391 (PALAKKAD)
3rd Prize- Rs :200,000/- 
NA 247439 (KANNUR)
NA 599769 (KANNUR)
VA 475125 (THRISSUR)
VA 749351 (PALAKKAD)
RA 219343 (IDUKKI)
TH 484542 (KOTTAYAM)
RI 547513 (THRISSUR)
RI 619499 (PALAKKAD)
4th Prize- Rs. 100,000/- 
5th Prize- Rs. 10,000/- 
3814 4394 5423 9442
6th Prize- Rs. 5,000/- 
0234 2091 2522 2934 3109
3150 3888 5050 5504 5617
5888 6483 7286 8656 8737
7th Prize- Rs. 1,000/- 
0626 1893 2655 2779 3673
3800 3806 3903 5201 6238
6832 7825 7968 8165 8804
8th Prize- Rs. 500/- 
0177 0321 0655 1242 1546
2519 3369 3632 3750 4928
5071 5179 5507 6077 6242
6888 7396 8084 8570 8762
8763 9657 9676 9799
9th Prize- Rs. 200/- 
0308 1241 1267 1285 1440
1453 1662 2386 2556 2686
2919 3119 3200 3344 3357
3509 3679 3693 5225 52915566 5851 5853 5945 5994
6085 6468 6485 6605 6809
6840 6887 6920 7610 7673
7732 7999 8185 8218 8232
8477 8573 8668 8914 9162
9308 9413 9419 9646 9840
 The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government
Gazatte and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.
Joint Director
Directorate Of State Lotteries , Vikas Bhavan,tvm

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pooja festival kerala
pooja devi

pooja bumper br 40 front page
pooja bumper br 40 front page

 Durga Puja Navami on Monday October 06, 2014 . During pooja festival kerala government conducting a bumper lottery called pooja bumper lottery.

kerala lottery Pooja-Bumper BR-40th Lottery Prize Structure.Ticket sales of kerala lottery Pooja-Bumper

 2014(BR-40th) has been started on 19th september 2014 (19-9-2014) (the day Thiruvonam bumper draw was made) and its Draw will be conducted on 18th November 2014 Friday at 2.30 pm and result will be published the same day at 4.00pm here.

                                           pooja is the special  Durga Puja Navami  festival celebrated in Kerala

The prize structure of this year`s  kerala lottery Pooja-Bumper BR-40th
 is as below
PRIZE STRUCTURE OF Pooja-Bumper-2014 BR 40th Lottery
Date of Sales Start19/09/2014
Date of Draw18/11/2014
Tickets in five SeriesNA,VA,RA,TH,RI

Cost Of TicketRs 100/-
PrizeDetails of prizesamount of prizeNumber of prize
1stOne prize common to all seriesRs 2 Crore1
2ndOne prize from each seriesRs 20 lakhs5
3rdtwo prizes from each seriesRs 2 lakhs10
4thLast 5 digits drawn onceRs 1 Lakhs40
5thlast 4 digits 4 timesRs 10000up to 1600 nos
6thlast 4 digits 15 timesRs 5000up to 6000 nos
7thlast 4 digits 16 timesRs 1000up to 6400 nos
8thlast 4 digits 24 timesRs 500up to 9600 nos
9thlast 4 digits 50 timesRs 200up to 20000 nos

1st prize consolationRs 1 lakhs4 nos
TotalsRs 9,76,00,000/-43660 nos

How to claim winning prize Pooja-Bumper BR-40th price ticket.

Prize winning tickets ought to be given inside thirty days from the information of draw
Prizes up to and together with one hundred thousand and excluding gift prizes like gold,automobile etc will be claimed from any district lottery workplace.
Prizes on top of one hundred thousand and also the gifts like gold, automobile etc will be claimed from the board office(Head office) at Trivandrum.
So just in case of this Pooja-Bumper 2014 BR-40th lottery from first prize to fourth prize tickets ought to be given to theboard of state lotteries either by person or tho' Nationalised, regular or Co-Operative banks. The prize winning Pooja-Bumper BR-40th ought to be given to the bank with all the required documents, if necessary. The bank ought to submit the claim to the Director of State Lotteries
Agents area unit allowed however not forced to gather the real prize tickets from winner upto 5000.therefore real prizes up to 5000 you'll be able to have the agent if he's willing and collect the money and should not have to be compelled to come back to workplace.
For the most recent rules and for the list of documents to be submitted along with your claim, please visit the official link

Income tax for kerala lottery winning prize

For prize quite Rs. 5000, revenue enhancement at prevailing rate are subtracted and attributableinto the central government account. As of now, associate revenue enhancement of half-hour aresubtracted for all the prize winning claims prodigious Rs. 5000/-
The tax are subtracted from the prize quantity, just in case of gift no tax are subtracted from the giftand also the tax quantity are paid by the department.
For example if you won 1lakh rupees, you may get 0nly 7000 and 30000 are subtracted as tax that ishalf-hour of the entire prize quantity. If agent’s prize additionally deducting from prize quantity you may solely get 60000 finally when deducting 100% agents prize. If you won gift say twenty sovereign,you may get West African twenty sovereign, the tax are paid by the department.
For the agents prize claims associate quantity cherish 100% of the claim are subtracted asrevenue enhancement.
Presently no surcharge or academic cess is subtracted as per the revenue enhancement rules.

**Pooja-Bumper 2014 BR-40th Prize winning tickets on top of Rs.1 hundred thousand and upto Rs.20 Lakhs shall be passed for payment by the Deputy Director(Prize) which on top of twenty lakhs by the Director.
Importance of Barcode and cypher within the kerala lottery price ticket.

In your price ticket there'll be 2 barcodes one for the 'ticket number' and also the different the 'secret code'. you ought to not tamper each of those barcodes since these area unit essential for eazily checking the genuinity of the kerala lottery price ticket.For each price ticket there's one andsolely cypher. therefore once you recognize that your price ticket won a prize you ought to ne'erreveal the key code.
Also if you tamper these barcodes the pc won't scan the barcodes and can't check the genuinity this could result in invaldating of your claim itself. therefore keep the price ticket safe until the resultproclaimed and if prize won, until the price ticket is submitted for prize claim.
For additional details concerning the lottery {ticket|price tag|price price ticket} structure and importance please visit structure of a Pooja-Bumper 2014 BR-40th ticket


Today Kerala Lottery

    Tickets have validity up to 30 days from date of draw.   So Prized Tickets has to submit with in 15 days for claims for smooth encashing.