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Friday, July 1, 2016

01/07/2016 Description of the Draw and Result of Thailand Lottery

THAI LOTTERY RESULTS description 1-7-2016

The idea of lottery goes back a very long way towards ancient times. People of Thailand are very fond of being a gambler themselves.  Lottery is taken very seriously in Thailand as it is the only kind of gambling allowed here in Thailand.  The system is very different compared to the western world. In Thailand, you’ll have to get lottery tickets from agents,  which receive these tickets from retailers. Usually, lottery tickets are drawn twice a month, which are the first day of the month and the 16th. Every ticket costs 80 baht. This is the standard price. Each ticket has 2 parts, the top and the bottom part.  It is not possible to buy just one part as they come in pairs. So, every ticket will still cost you 80 baht. However, if you win, your prize is doubled.  Every ticket has 6 single digits, which you’re able to choose when you buy one. When the numbers are drawn live on national television,  there are probably more than 20 drawn every time as they’ll have to draw all of the numbers according to the number of prizes stated.
                                  Today thailand lottery Result 1-7-2016
Thai Lottery is the Department of Lotteries of Thailand  . Its drawn on every First of the Month  & 16th of the month at Bangkok Thailand. Thai Lottery is as popular as Thai Lottery for the highest prize money offered also for the reason that the major portion of the profit from this lottery is used by the government of Thailand to help the people who are suffering from serious illness. Earlier the profits from the Thai Lottery was used for the purpose but now the profits from Thai Lottery is also added to the same.

1st  Prize       :   3million bath

2 Digit Price    :  1,000 baht Prize

3 Digit Price   :  2,000 baht Prize

2nd Prize

five prize       :100,000 baht

3rd Prize                    

10  prizes       : 40,000 baht

4th prize

50 prizes        : 20,000 baht 


Awarded         : 50,0000 

to each side

(5 No}


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