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Saturday, July 9, 2016

kerala lotteries draw procedure 2016

Draw Procedure

                 kerala lottery department has taken every possible step to make the draw transparent. There is no common venue for all draws. Venues are decided by the department on the basis of consultation with agents and the public. After deciding on the venue, a panel consisting of the MLA (of that constituency) as Chairman, other public representatives, socio-cultural and political persons etc., is constituted to entrust with the job of draw. Venue for the draw and the details of panel members are published before the date of draw, which ensures maximum public participation. The public is given the chance to participate in the procedure once the first few prizes are determined by judges present.

Know the kerala lottery Ticket:
                 The tickets are printed with numbers starting from 100,000, each bearing an alphabetic code. The numbers are preceded by a code consisting of two alphabets, of which the first letter representing the name of the lottery scheme and the second letter representing the series. For example, in a ticket bearing the No. AB-123456, the letter A - represents Akshaya and B - represents the series.

How it works:
                Various lottery draws were being conducted in the conventional system of using drums and plastic purses containing tokens showing 0 to 9 digits and necessary alphabets up to June 2011. Now let’s see how the draw procedure under this system works. Seven drums in seven colours are used for the draw. The first drum represents the ticket Series for the draw and the rest represent Numbers from ‘lakhs’ place to ‘ones’ (units) place. A closed purse containing tokens with series code for that particular draw is then put inside the first drum. Then comes the second drum, which represents the Lakhs place. Consider, for example, three lakh tickets have been printed in each particular series for a draw. Then the second drum is placed with a closed purse containing tokens numbering from 1 to 3, representing the lakhs place. All other drums are filled with purses containing token numbering from 0 to 9. Now the drums are ready for the draw. The supervising panel is given a list containing the sold and unsold numbers.

kerala lottery results draw:
                 Once the drums have been set up with tokens inside it, a handle attached with the drum is swiftly rotated so that the tokens inside the purse mix with each other. The Chairman of the supervising panel then takes a token from the first drum, which is the first place winning series. This token is exhibited for the public and the series code is written on the board, facing the stage. This procedure is then followed for each drum to get a number from each one. The numbers are written on the right side of the series code, one after another. Once the numbers from all the drums are written, we get an alphabetic code with two alphabets and six numbers. This number is declared as the winning number. Here the kerala lottery department proudly presents a unique feature carried over from the very beginning. If a prize goes to an unsold ticket kept under the custody of the department, the same will be detected at real-time by verification with the list of unsold tickets and the draw for that particular prize will be repeated till the prize goes to a sold ticket. The department officials present at the venue enters this number in their register as the winning number. After a few draws by the panellists, public are invited to participate in the draw procedure, to find out the remaining winning numbers.

Induction of mechanical draw machines

                    The above conventional method is dispensed with from July 2011. As per GO (MS) No. 124/2007/TD dated 16.5.2007, the Government have  instructed the Director of State Lotteries to modernise the lottery draws. In the light of the remarkable increase in sales and the necessity of drawing more numbers within a limited time, mechanical draw machines are being utilised from July 2011 onwards. From July 2011 onwards the department is using mechanical draw machines purchased from M/s Metal Industries Shornur through SIDCO. Instead of using drums, plastic purses and tokens, the various prize numbers are drawn within the slots specially provided in the draw machine by operating the machine using electricity.  As in the case of the conventional method, a higher degree of transparency is ensured in selecting prize numbers by using mechanical machines. More over, now,  higher numbers of prizes especially of smaller denominations shall be drawn within a limited time. 


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