How is Kerala State Lottery draw conducted?

The procedure for drawing the prize-winning tickets or prize winners

The Kerala Lottery Department has taken every possible step to make the draw transparent every day. This is a common venue for all draws in Trivandrum. The government appoints a panel of judges the draw is conducted under the supervision of the panel. The panel consisting of the  MLA (of that constituency) as chairman, and other public representatives is constituted to entrust with the job of drawing.

How is Kerala State Lottery draw conducted?

The public is given the chance to participate in the procedure once the first few prizes are determined by the judges. Tickets of the lottery are all governed by the director. The number of tickets to be printed and the number of series is decided by the director. one can easily find and get the tickets from any agency or agent that has obtained a legalized pass of permission from the lottery department of Kerala. lotteries are on weekly basis available at the price of Rs 40,50. The tickets were printed with the numbers starting from 1,00,000 each bearing an alphabetic code. The number is proceeded by a code consisting of two alphabetic of which the first letter represents the name of the lottery scheme and the second letter represents the series. seven drums of seven different colors are used for drawing the Tickets. The 1st drum represents the ticket series of the draw and the rest represent numbers from lakh places to one place. The closed purse containing the token with the series code for that particular draw then comes the second drum which represents the lakh prize. After selling up the drums of drawing the tickets, a handle attached to the drum is swiftly rotated so that the tokens inside the purse mix with each other.

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The chairman of the supervising panel then takes a token from the first drum which is the first place winning series. The token is exhibited to the public and the series code is written on the board facing the stage. The numbers are written on the right side of the series code.  Once the numbers from all drums are written we get an alphabetic code with two alphabets and six numbers If the prize goes to an unsold ticket and the draw for that particular prize will be repeated till the prize goes to a sold ticket. The venue of the draw and the details of panel members are published before the draw date.