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Kerala Lottery Chart 2022-2023 - Monthly Weekly Daily

 Kerala Monthly Lottery Result Chart | KL Charts Download | Kerala Lo Kerala Monthly Result Chart | KL Charts Download | Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result Chart 2021

 The Kerala lottery department holds drawings for various lottery games every day of the week. The games are:

Akshaya, which is held on Sundays
Win-Win, which is held on Mondays
Sthree Sakthi, which is held on Tuesdays
Fifty Fifty, which is held on Wednesdays
Karunya Plus, which is held on Thursdays
Nirmal, which is held on Fridays
Karunya, which is held on Saturdays

In addition to these daily games, the Kerala lottery department also holds special "bumper" drawings a few times a year. These games have larger prizes and are held on holidays and other special occasions.

Results for all of these games are usually published on the official website of the Kerala lottery department, as well as in local newspapers. You can check the results by looking up the winning numbers for the specific game and the draw date that you are interested in.

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