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23-05-2017 Tuesday Kerala Lottery

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Nirmal Lottery NR-19

Dated: 26May 2017



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Karunya Plus Lottery

Dated: 25May 2017

VISHU BUMPER Lottery Result BR 55 

Dated: 24 May 2017

Akshya Lottery AK-294 Results

Kerala lottery result today official government result on Keralalotteries today kerala results sites are keralalotteries in and .com. Kerala gazette to view kerala lottery result today , the official kerala lottery results are published in PDF format daily updating 4.30pm and live Result available on 3.30 pm unofficial. The official kerala lottery results publishing daily at 4.30 pm onwards. Now Kerala government conducting 7 daily lottery Result 1 biweekly Nirmal bumper lottery Result and six mega Bumper lottery result draws per year, Next bumper lottery result draw is Vishu bumper draw Result 24-05-2017 .All Bumper lottery result draw starting on 2.30 pm ,Daily lottery results are Pournami Lottery on Sunday, Win Win Lottery on Monday, Sthree Sakthi Lottery publishing on Tuesday ,Akshaya Lottery on wednesday ,KarunyaPlus lottery publishing on thursday ,Bhagyanidhi lottery on friday and Karunya lottery on saturday are the daily kerala lottery results,kerala lottery results,kerala lottery result,kerala lottery,kerala lottery today result,kerala lottery resultoday,keralalotteryresult,kerala lottery results today,today lottery results,keralalottery


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Kerala Lottery Result Today

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Vishu Bumper-2017 Full Prize Structure BR 55 Now On Sale

Next Bumper : Vishu Bumper-2017 Full Prize Structure BR 55 Now On Sale

Yesterday  Lottery Result


Dated: 24 May 2017


Kerala lottery Result department has ordered find out lottery frauds involving single-digit lotteries in kerala state. The single-digit lottery or 'written lottery', is actually illegal betting on the basis of kerala lottery result.Government may be rearrange the prize structure of all Kerala lottery Kerala Lottery Result publishing live results daily at 3.30 PM, Official Keralalotteries Lottery Results at 4.30pm Kerala Lottery Result Today release result every day at 3.30 pm, Lottery Result available on various website keralalotteries keralalotteryresult keralalotteryresults keralalotteryresulttoday and more kerala lottery result sites available. : Kerala Lottery Result Today

Yesterday Kerala Lottery Result Today: 26.5.2017 Nirmal Lottery NR-19 Result Today : download pdf keralalottery today : Today's Kerala Lottery result : Live 27.5.2017 Karunya Lottery KR-295 Results Today

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Kerala Lottery Result Today
4/ 5

Pournami lottery - Sunday